In our wide range of rubber products we are offering parts like Silent Block Bushes, Engine Mounts & Transmission Mounts, Tuned Mass Absorbers, Propeller Shaft Mountings, Torsional Vibration Dampers, Strut Mount, Axle Bumpers & Body Mount Axle Mounts, Steering Couplings & Mounting Bushes, Bare Rubber Parts, Exhaust Hangers, Links, Control Arms, Inner Bonded Bushes, Balance Rod Bushes, TPU Moulded Parts, Hose Pipe, Rubber Gaskets, Oil Rings, Oil Seals, O-Ring etc.

We offer quality rubber components, which manufactured out of silicone rubber, synthetic and Natural rubber and different polymers.

“Our principle companies are preferred suppliers to OEMs and also known for excellent quality. “