We believe ourselves to be the one-stop organization for all your automotive requirements.

Radix Marketing is young trading company belonging to RADIX GROUP of companies from Ahmedabad, Gujarat occupies top position in Automotive Component sales & services market. Backed with huge experience of automotive component retailing, import & export and distributions, the company establish by Mr. Kamlesh Patel & Mr. Divyesh Patel.

Mr. Kamlesh Patel has excellent track record of promoting and establishing consistent business for our Principal. Our in-depth understanding and knowledge of products and automobile industry always help our Retailers to sell our Principal product smoothly. Further, our service oriented approach always appreciated by our Retailers as well as our Principal.
Radix is prominent leader in chemical manufacturing, import-export, distribution, BPO and software service and having more than 20 years’ experience and today we are more than 250+ team under RADIX GROUP.

We offer all the major aftermarket replacement parts required by heavy and light duty truck, passenger bus, Farm equipment, earth moving equipment and passenger car segments, through representing as authorized distributors for more than 10 original equipment manufacturers. Our product range includes transmission spares, crank-shaft, clutches, engine valve,cam shaft, cylinder heads, fasteners, bearings, water pumps, oil pumps, filters, rubber parts, turbo chargers, fly wheel rings, brakes, lubricants, fan belts and many more automotive components
The fundamental principles that we are committed to are:

1. To specialize in engine and under chassis parts
2. To distribute the highest quality parts available in the market
3. To have a full range available to customers at all times
4. To provide the most competitive pricing in the market
5. Always ensure prompt delivery
6. Ensure the maximum credit is available to our clients

We are constantly interviewing customers and adding vendors in order to update our product offering. We are committed to improving the quality of our products and services, and regularly attend trade shows to maintain the highest level of training and industry knowledge.